Whidbey Island is served by 3 school districts.

North Whidbey Public Schools: There are eight schools in Oak Harbor, plus a program for alternative learners and a cooperative service for home schoolers. Most of the older schools have been renovated since 1997 to offer modern libraries and services. There are 1,900 networked computers throughout the district, offering a ratio of one computer for every five students.

Lake on Whidbey IslandOak Harbor High School

North Whidbey Middle School

Oak Harbor Middle School

Broad View Elementary School

Crescent Harbor Elementary School

Hillcrest Elementary School

Oak Harbor Elementary School

Olympic View Elementary School 

Home Connection offers resources for home schoolers 


Gulls on Whidbey IslandCentral Whidbey Public Schools: Coupeville School District is a small, rural district with three traditional schools and a K-12 alternative learning experience program that teams parents as partners in their child's education. Occupying the central portion of Whidbey Island, our schools offer rich opportunities for interaction with marine, farm, and forest environments.

Coupeville Elementary School

Coupeville Middle School

Coupeville High School 


South Whidbey Public Schools South Whidbey School District consists of four traditional school campuses serving students from pre-school through high school, as well as an alternative high school and the Whidbey Island Academy which is a resource for families who are home-schooling.

South Whidbey High School

Langley Middle School

South Whidbey Elementary Schoolwiegela on Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island Academy serves home-schooled students


Private Schools

Der Kinderhuis / Montessori School - Oak Harbor

Der Kinderhuis Montessori School - Oak Harbor

Island Christian Academy- Langley

Oak Harbor Christian School - Oak Harbor

Whidbey Island Waldorf School - Clinton