I am a fan of the quiet island life - that isnít too far from the big city (Seattle). Seattle is amazing. No wonder it ranks so high on so many lists. Thatís ironic because I moved here when it wasnít as popular. In 1980 it was known for grey skies and rain. It still has those, but it is also much more obviously vibrant, now.

I moved to Seattle, but I really moved to Boeing as an aerospace engineer, which meant living in almost a dozen neighborhoods and suburbs thanks to career moves. It was a great education in the diversity of housing options from waterfront condos to large suburban homes and yards - even tiny houses. It was Whidbey Island that I was drawn to even when I couldnít live on it. That changed in 2005 when I moved to the south end of the island: far enough away yet close enough to the city. Here, life is quieter, slower (hello, island time), and only a ferry away from the rest.

Finding a home that meets and matches with a personís lifestyle is always a unique challenge. Life changes. Housing changes. One of my joys is helping people meet their goals, whether thatís a project, an artwork, or finding a home. Being able to help people and Whidbey, well, thatís a bonus. And, if you want to hear about dancing on the island, well, thatís another bonus.