My Values

At a young age my parents taught me the value of hard work, dedication, and to be passionate about my job, no matter what it is.  It has been instilled in me that through dedication and commitment I can achieve anything.  Through many years of hard work, creating relationships with people I have also discovered the importance of trust and that it is something earned, not given, and that no matter what a person must hold true to their word. 

My Background

Prior to my career in Real Estate I spent over a decade in the home improvement venue.  During that time I was able to refine my communication and customer service skills.  I have had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of lives, helping them and teaching them the skills they need to fix up, improve or design the home of their dreams. I chose to leave my successful career in the Home Improvement industry to find my niche in the Real Estate Market.  After making the switch I realized that it wasn’t selling houses that I loved about Real Estate, it was the connection with people that drives me to be successful in this career.  I love the process of Listing and Buying property because it gives me the opportunity to make personal connections with people and help them realize their dreams.

What People are saying?

“Her confidence, friendly attitude and enthusiasm connected me with her right away.” “…I appreciated she respected and always kept my priorities and desires in finding our new home in the forefront, while still offering ideas and options that we may not have thought about.” “Thanks for treating us like friends and family and making this experience as low stress and in a lot of instances as exciting as it has been.  I encourage anyone looking for an individual that they can trust in and rely on to seek out Alicia.”