Previews Property Specialist

South Whidbey Island is a very special place. A special place that brings smiles, friends and lasting memories. My own experience involved bringing my wife and three young daughters to the island on holiday over 20 years ago. Bare feet and wet sand, sunny summer days, crabbing, fishing, beach bonfires, s'mores, beach retrievers and conversations that could not have happened elsewhere convinced us that Whidbey Island was the place for us.

Homes and Land On Islands

Buying a home or a piece of property on an island requires a competent level of familiarity with potential issues specific to the island. As an example, foremost issues on any island involve how you get water then how you dispose of it. Much of this expertise is gained by dealing with and experiencing the issues on a first hand basis. The next step is knowing the right questions to ask and the right sources for good answers.

Multiple Environments

Our multiple bays, waterways, woodlands and mountain views create environments for everyone. What I continue to marvel at is that our view of the island, based on where we settle, is so different and yet so much the same. The west side views of the Olympics and shipping lanes and the east side views of The Cascades and Saratoga Passage are certainly very different, yet a wonderful sense of community exists once we become "islanders"

Let`s Talk

What is most important, whether you are buying or selling is my complete understanding of your present position and your aspirations. I understand that each individual or family are as different as the multiple properties on our island, so my initial contact with you will focus on listening to what you have to say and only then going forward to help you realize your goals on a focused basis. All information that you share is treated as very confidential.